Dating rickenbacker lap steels

Besides, the case with the legs is the EXACT same size as the case without the legs. Also, I highly recommend that you don't swap out the stock pickup for something else as some players hype.

The stock pickups sounds more than nice, it is GREAT! The original 1932 Rickenbacher Frypans were models A-22 and A-25, corresponding to their length.

Here's an awesome video performance by Doug Beaumier playing the instrumental song Teardrop along with a Band-In-A-Box track.

Teardrop was originally performed in 1959 by Santo National also made excellent sounding steel guitars for decades in Chicago. If you can afford new, then you at least know what you're getting and I'd recommend new.

Still, I do bar-slants often on my pedal steel, so I am used to handling the bar.

Bar control is very important to mastering the steel guitar.

If you are serious about sticking with the lap steel guitar, then you should invest in a quality instrument.

You really don't know what you're buying until you play it. If you want a close copy of a 1932-1935 Rickenbacher Frypan, there's the Jerry Byrd Frypan from Fuzzy steel guitars in Japan. I wish they had made them lighter, but I think the reason why is to prevent it from shifting off of the stand while playing it. Whether you get the case or not, THE CASES ARE THE SAME SIZE.Honestly, today's low-priced musical instruments have a lot to be desired of them. This is not a negative reflection upon Chinese people; but rather, it's the old adage, You get what you pay for!I did find some good (and bad) values at Guitar Center.Always buy the legs and case because the all-aluminum guitar weighs 8 lbs.and will aggravate your legs after extended playing.

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