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After some time has passed, consider if the issue is really important enough to revisit later.

Showing each other respect and kindness will go a long way in managing relationship stress and keeping your relationship healthy.

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Within just 25 years, the price tag could be as high as 0 billion annually. There is still time to act, but the window is closing so it must happen soon.

Big change doesn’t happen magically on its own, so we have to make it happen.

As a caregiver, there will be good days and tough days.

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Often, I identify an excellent story and then quote from it, including a link to the full article.

Even if you and your partner don’t have the quality time that you use to, another stage in your relationship will come.

And when it does, you want to be sure that you are both still standing together, able to say, “love wins.” See also, our article entitled 10 Caregiver Stress Relievers that Every Caregiver Should Practice.

Find a way to have your spouse take the kids out for a Sunday afternoon, or to get out together for an hour to take a walk on a sunny day.

Physical and mental space is important, and will make you better equipped to face your caregiving challenges together.

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