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You are much better off going and getting a good massage (Body Bliss near Norma’s is where the girl snuck a peek, very good massage with no extras) and then having your extras after in the Fields Avenue bars.

They offered an outcall massage service in your hotel for 300 pesos, and considering they worked on walking street you should be able to assume that extras would be available. There was another girl who I am quite certain I could have had full service with, but at the time I was only interested in bjs with working girls.

But if you want more ‘extra services’ then it’s almost impossible to find a good massage with bj or boom boom (full service).

Trust me I have put in the time, effort, and money looking.

This goes on for awhile before she asks you to arch your butt in the air to give some quick shaft strokes to engage the prostate.

Then you roll over and she kneads your upper thighs, occasionally doing quick touches of your testicles or shaft.

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