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The attack was so violent that the kitchen knife broke off in her back.The estimated time of her death was before dusk on March 28, 1979.AUSA Julie Peters of the Eastern District of Arkansas concurs in this recommendation. Alice Barton (49), a prostitute, was strangled and mutilated. Her body had been dumped in a wartime pillbox in Woodchurch, Birkenhead, in September 1955.Despite a brief surge in media attention in 2010, the case remains unsolved.It is one of Arkansas' most notorious cold cases of the civil rights era.

The autopsy showed she had 15 serious knife wounds, three less serious wounds, and two defensive wounds on her hands.Despite calls for information from her children and efforts by law enforcement, this case remains unsolved. On March 5, 1987 Dana Bailey's mother found her daughter's dead body inside her apartment. In May 1994, Rhonda Sue Bailey was murdered and her body was dumped in a creek. Her autopsy showed she had drowned seven to ten days before her body was discovered. Her boyfriend Terrence Barnett would later go on trial for her murder. In 2010, Terrence Barnett was sentenced and received the statutory maximum sentence of 20 years to life imprisonment.She died of multiple stab wounds to her heart area. The murder weapon was a steak knife that came from her kitchen. David Wayne Newcomb entered a no contest plea to second-degree murder. The 1954 lynching of Isadore Banks remains unsolved.Her hands were tied tightly in front of her with a cord before the killer strangled her.Detectives said that there was no evidence she had been sexually abused. When her car was found a week after her disappearance, police found her blood in the trunk.

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