Updating rpms

If you are using the discontinued RH9 rather than Enterprise then up2date or RHN won't be of much help.

You can then use the Post install option in kickstart to wget the setup script from your update server and run it once the install is completed so that the box is attached to your update server and automatically updated from it.

Hi, Is there a way to download all available Red Hat 9 updates and apply them one by one?

Also, I want to keep them all on a CD or on a PC in the network, so when a new Red Hat 9 installation is done easily to apply the updates.

For an upgrade installation using RPM packages, the My SQL server is automatically restarted at the end of the installation if it was running when the upgrade installation began.

If the server was not running when the upgrade installation began, you have to restart the server yourself after the upgrade installation is completed; do that with, for example, the follow command: Because of the dependency relationships among the RPM packages, all of the installed packages must be of the same version.

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